A Dragon of a Different Color (Heartstrikers, Book 4)

A Dragon of a Different Color (Heartstrikers, Book 4)
Rachel Aaron, 2017

Premise: Julius finally has some pull in his clan and an alliance with the Three Sisters. Of course, that was before his favorite brother killed his favorite sister, the girl he loved apparently died, and the entire clan of Chinese dragons set forth to conquer the American clan, ostensibly to protect them all from the rage of a powerful lake spirit. Follows No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished

After I was somewhat disappointed with Book 3, I'm happy to report that I loved this installment. I think there's only one more book in the series, but this managed to raise the stakes in a way that felt organic, set up for a grand finale, and deal with all the fallout of the last book at a breakneck pace that kept me reading.

In case it's at all possible that the premise above wasn't clear enough, this would not be a good jumping-on point. The networks of character relationships are key to this one. We find out where Ghost took Marci, why magic went away from the world, what Amelia's plan is, why Chelsie was her mother's enforcer, and more.

The characters are still charming, and the world is getting more interesting. I really liked how much more exploration there was of the spirit realm and how spirits work in this one. More dragon clans is also always a good thing.

There were so many awesome or sweet moments in this that my heart got all gushy. It's great fun, and the series as a whole is strong.

4 Stars - A Very Good Book


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