2014 is on its way out.... finally.

Man, 2014 was a year, huh.

It's definitely been an odd year for me. I have been reading, but not so much posting reviews. A few reflections from the year:

  • I read the Paradox series by Rachel Bach, really enjoyed them.
  • I took up with both of Kerry Greenwood's cozy mystery series, as they make excellent bus and airplane reading. Total read so far between both series: eight!
  • As a side note, this year I traveled twice for my job, which is twice more than ever before.
  • I reread one of my favorites (Memory, by Lois McMaster Bujold) compulsively for a few weeks during a particularly stressful time.
  • I reread the entire Star Wars Thrawn trilogy this fall. It was less good than it was when I was a teenager, but still okay.
  • I expanded my genre window, reading literary fiction, memoir, YA, historical thriller
  • I've continued to cut down on the number of comic series I buy as single issues, but bought a ton of graphic novels I haven't read yet.
  • Even so, I read a bunch of awesomely weird comics this year I haven’t talked about here, including:
    • Pretty Deadly (started in 2013, surreal old-west-dark-fantasy-horror-fairytale)
    • The Wicked and the Divine (just re-read the first 5 issues, DAMN.)
    • ODY-C (just issue 1 so far, really intriguing - Odyssey retold as entirely female, and in space.)

And like so many, I became more of a podcast junkie this year. My favorites include Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, This American Life, 99% Invisible (so good!), Good Job Brain, and, of course, Serial. Podcasts do cut into my reading time, but I find them very enjoyable, especially when I have to stand on the bus.

Moving into 2015, we’ll have to see how many reviews I post. I still want to finish reviewing all the Hugo winners, and I have that giant pile of graphic novels I mentioned...


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