Cold Magic (Spiritwalker, Book 1)

Cold Magic (Spiritwalker, Book 1)
Kate Elliott, 2010

Premise: Catherine Barahal was brought up by her aunt and uncle after her parents’ death. She plans to go to school. She plans to help in the family business. She would never plan to get swept up in the politics of nations, revolution and magic, but once events are set in motion, she’ll do whatever she must to survive and discover the truth of her past.

After I loved Jaran, I decided to pick up one of the author's more recent books. Despite being different in almost every other way, the books share a cross genre appeal and a compelling heroine. Cold magic is... fantasy steam punk adventure alternate history with a thread of romance. The magic is fascinating. The characters are complicated and varied. I was completely thrown by a sharp left turn in the plot, but was eager to discover where it was headed.

I loved how historical figures were different, but recognizable. The story swings from the concerns of young girls to the concerns of nations in a way that actually seems quite reasonable for the situation.

Cat's world is delicately balanced between industry and magic, between spirit and steel. She is trapped by her past, by the actions of others, by treachery and circumstance. It's the way she is determined to turn these very things to her advantage that has me marking the sequel on my to read list.

4 Stars - A Very Good Book


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