Fly Into Fire (Extrahumans, Book 2)

Fly Into Fire (Extrahumans, Book 2)
Sarah Jane Bigelow, 2012

Premise: Sequel to Broken. When last we saw Sky Ranger, he had shaken off the manipulations of the oppressive government and was off to exact some unspecified revenge or justice. Or possibly both? This book follows Sky later as he deals with his past supporting the corrupt government and tries his best to protect the few other extrahumans that remain.

I liked this sequel quite a bit. I liked getting more about Sky Ranger, he’s an interesting character. I liked the new characters as they were introduced, with all of their own troubles, and the return of some of the characters from the first book.

The mix of superheroes and sci-fi dystopia continues; there’s more emphasis on the space travel and sci-fi aspects in this one. There were some scenes of torture that I found really unpleasant, but necessarily so.

The book basically opens with a crash landing, Sky Ranger and a group of other refugees fleeing Earth crash on a mostly-desert planet and have to survive there. I really loved Sky Ranger’s relationships with Renna and Dee, two young women from the crash. The plot twists more than a few times, and actually does read like a comic, in that it’s more several short plotlines strung together than one long arc. That’s fine by me.

Action, adventure and heroes, sounds like a good read.

4 Stars - A Very Good Book


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