It's Vampires for Valentines!

Welcome to Vampires for Valentines Week!

I’m posting a new review every weekday this week, each one of the first book in a series.

Monday: Moon Called, by Patricia Briggs
Werewolves and vamps cause trouble for shifter Mercy Thompson.

Tuesday: Night Shift, by Lillith Saintcrow
Okay, there’s no real vampires in this one, but there are shapeshifters, demons, and demon hunters.

Wednesday: Dead Until Dark, by Charlaine Harris
Yup, it’s the True Blood series!

Thursday: Anno Dracula, by Kim Newman
Something a little different: this's Paranormal Historical Fiction, kiddies. Vampires all over the damn place.

Friday: Kitty and the Midnight Hour, by Carrie Vaughn
Radio DJ Kitty Norville starts a call in show for the undead and part-time furry.

Let’s get started, shall we?


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