Christmas times a'comin, so I know I'm gonna blog.

Hear ye, Hear ye! The holiday season is upon us once more, which means that all the lovely books and comics and galleys languishing in my queue to be posted are going to have to wait for a while.

Because it’s time for Mainlining Christmas once again! (If you're just joining us now, Mainlining Christmas is the yearly event wherein my husband and I consume potentially lethal amounts of Christmas themed movies, specials and music, and blog about it.)

While I’ll be spending the majority of my blogging energy there, never fear! Holiday books and comics will be cross-posted here on the regular schedule.

I’ve got a weird bunch of books lined up this year, but if you’re eager, here are some links to holiday-themed reviews of Christmases past:

The Atheist's Guide to Christmas
A Christmas Carol
A Clockwork Christmas
Holiday Comics Special!


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