Comics Briefly: Saga #1 and #2, Princeless #4

With my pull list shrinking, I'm covering one book that came out today and a couple that I bought a week or two ago, but didn't review at the time.

Important Note: Both these books are awesome, but Princeless is suitable for All Ages and Saga is absolutely for Mature Audiences. 

Saga #2 was new in stores on 4/11/12

Princeless #4
Story: Jeremy Whitley, Art: M. Goodman

I wanted to make sure I took a minute to mention that I loved this last issue of the Princeless mini, even though my local store failed me and didn't have it the week it was supposed to come out. Did I wish there was just a little bit more story in these four issues? Yes. Will I still recommend the collection to everyone? Absolutely! The new friendship between Adrienne and Bedelia gets a lot more play here; I love that Bedelia is an ongoing character, I wasn't sure whether she was just introduced for Issue 3. Their relationship has a lot of potential to be awesome. Adrienne's mother gets a nice character moment, and the ending tag was pretty excellent as well. The character design work and the art continues to be awesome. You can order Issues 1-4 in the upcoming collection "Princeless: Save Yourself" through your local comic shop, which should come into stores on Apr 25. Do it now!

Saga #1 & #2
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan, Art: Fiona Staples

What can I say about this that hasn't been said? If you've been living under a rock or this is your only source of comic news, you might not know that Saga is a fascinating new space-opera-ish series by Brian K. Vaughan. It focuses on Marko and Alana, whose races are waging interstellar war on each other. They, however, are in love, and trying to flee from both their peoples. The writing is smart and funny and weird. I want to know more about all the strange races and characters who've been introduced so far. The design is amazing; it's inventive and incredibly original. It dances on the edge of being too "weird for weird's sake", but I don't think it quite tips over. The characters are grounded and intriguing, the world is crazier than anything I've seen in a long time. Check out this preview of #1 to see whether it's to your taste.


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