Review Policy

I am currently open to receiving books for review on this site. I prefer Kindle-compatible format (.mobi, unprotected .azw). Please use the form below to send me information about your work. Make sure you include the title of your work, the genre, the premise, and what format you're offering.

I reserve the right not to accept every book submitted. If I request your full file, that does not necessarily mean I will end up reviewing it. If I do review it, the review will be my honest opinion. Take a glance over my reviews to get a sense for what I like. (Here's a clue: I love Watership Down, everything by Lois McMaster Bujold and Conan the Barbarian. I hate Twilight and The Time Traveler's Wife.)

Do not query me for inspirational/religious books. Fail to obey this rule and I will mock you publicly.

I prefer science fiction or fantasy in all their flavors: magical realism, urban fantasy, alternate history, fairy tale, epic, military, dystopian, etc...mystery, horror/thriller sometimes too. If you have paranormal romance, it had better be amazing. I avoid most "literary fiction." I rave about books with compelling characters, strong plots, and well-thought-out settings... but doesn't everyone?

Many of my reviews are also posted on Amazon, generally with a star inflation, to reflect the difference between my scale and Amazon's scale. (In other words, if I give a 4 here, I'll probably give a 5 on Amazon, etc.)

Still interested? Here's the contact form:

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