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Why the Blue Fairy?
It started with the Blue Fairy's Workshop, which is where I post my custom dolls and action figures. There, the connection seemed more immediate: The Blue Fairy, in the Pinocchio story, turned the puppet into a real boy; I turn action figures into new improved figures. Also I played the Blue Fairy in a staged version of Pinocchio in the late 90's.

In short, when I started this blog it was as an extension of my existing web presence, and now I'm sort of stuck with it.

What's up with the bunny pictures?
The bunny figure (according to the internet, her name is Breezy Babblebrook) is one I've had since I was young. I was looking for a fun way to make my book review blog unique, and Breezy stood out to me as a promising mascot. I enjoy setting up the pictures. I try to represent the plot, characters or title of the book in an amusing way, using our extensive toy collection.

What else do you do online?
I post about my custom toys and art projects at The Blue Fairy's Workshop
I review dolls and toys at The Clearance Bin

Who are you offline?
I'm a theater freelancer now living in Seattle. Mostly I've worked as a Stage Manager, also as backstage crew, board operator or wardrobe staff. It's a slow time in the arts, though, so I pick up short jobs temping, and I'm on the hunt for a long-term job.

Incidentally, that's why the regular update is on Monday: Monday is usually the day off for theater professionals.

I also edit and format all of my husband's original fiction.  See that here.

Will you review more _________ ?
Maybe! If you particularly love or hate anything on the site, feel free to comment on a post and let me know, or contact me via the link in my profile.

Will you review my book?
Maybe! Click here for my Review Policy, and instructions for submission.

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